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desodorante es una sustancia que se aplica en el cuerpo,especialmente en las axilas,para reducir el olor a la transpiración. A deodorant is a substance that is applied to the body,particularly in the underarm,to reduce perspiration odor.NO TIENE OLOR ,el olor es provocado por una bacteria que aparece en entornos propicios de calor y humedad. Perspiration NO ODOR, the odor is caused by bacteria that appears in environments conducive to heat and humidity.

The issuance of perspiration is natural and necessary,the human body eliminates toxins for good functioning of himself,so it is not advisable to use ANTIPERSPIRANTS that blocks the sweat glands and prevent sweat release.The antiperspirant active ingredient used is aluminum chlorohydrate (aluminum chlorohydrate).

Conventional deodorizing products contain lots of chemicals that can harm the health,including parabens (synthetic substances that are used as preservatives in the cosmetic industry),fragrances, as well as aluminum chlorohydrate (who blame the increase of Alzheimer's).Mixing the toxins through discarded armpits and chemicals derive cell mutations in cancer cells.[1] . Substances have been found in breast cancer studies are parabens [1] .


The ALUM STONE * is a mineral salt that derives its name from the Latin "alumen" which means bitter,due to the feature of your choice and let dry feeling.The alum with sodium chloride (salt) are the first chemicals used in humanity,the first traces of the use of alum stone have been discovered around Damascus.Imagen de referencia The Romans used for their healing qualities,bactericides,such as deodorant and medicinal Moroccan women used it to keep their breasts and firm stomach.

Among its properties are:

- Deodorant.

- Healing.

- Firming.

- Antiseptic.

- Natural bactericide.

- Hypoallergenic.

- Will not clog skin pores.Just stay on the skin without harming the body's natural breathing.

- It has astringent,anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhagic so can be applied after waxing and shaving (widely used by barbers).

- Does not contain aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium.

- Leaves no stains or skin or clothes.

- Invisible on the skin.

- It has no smell.

- Non-sticky.

- Friendly environment and VEGAN.

- Economic.(A stone of 60 grams is equivalent to 12 bars of a conventional deodorant).


Despite its massive low (it will be understood that neither for perfume or cosmetic companies is profitable a natural product so durable and less dependent on them).We can find in drugstores,health food stores and some pharmacies (you can order also as STONE GLASS).It can be found in bar,with spray,roll-on and powdered.We recommend for durability the stick,and discard the powder since it is not certain to be only that compound.

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